Digital Residency Tel Aviv-Berlin: Echo & Tellavision

How can cultural exchange be as direct as possible? Until now, the answer to this question has been quite simple: artist residency programmes have enabled artists to exchange ideas over longer periods of time, to develop concepts together and to realise them right away. In 2020, though, everything is different. But that doesn’t mean burying your head in the sand – instead an opportunity for new creative interactions. In 2020, Pop-Kultur is offering a digital residency to broaden the existing cooperation between Israeli and German musicians within the festival. There’s a reason the hyper-productive Echo says she’s one of the busiest singers and producers in her country, and the highly productive Tellavision is certainly keeping pace. Together in this Tel Aviv–Berlin exchange, the Israeli rapper and the German experimental musician will forge all kinds of new paths.

Echo (Photo: Gayas Photos) & Tellavision (Foto: Tim Bruening)
Echo (Photo: Gayas Photos) & Tellavision (Foto: Tim Bruening)

Tellavision & Echo: »Through The Given Frame«

Ron Kohen
Camera Tellavision
Josephine Carol
Film Location
Tel Aviv, Israel & Berlin, Germany