Evija Vēbere

Evija Vēbere is an all-rounder, and not just because she sings, plays trumpet and handles electronics like no one else. She’s also a pro at rounding out her music, which is often marked by sharp edges. Although her otherworldly vocals hover mostly over soft, melodic textures, she continuously breaks up the pattern with hip-hop and industrial rhythms, out-of-tune piano or frictional register changes. A heterogenous mix that reflects its creator’s versatility. Growing up in Latvia, Vēbere attended a music school, received a bachelor’s degree in jazz singing and, after the release of her debut album »Dream Whispers,« she collaborated other artists such as Serbian drummer Lav Kovač, together as Howling Owl. And with her 2018 album »Sirdsbūt« winning a »Golden Microphone« as the best Latvian alternative/indie album of the year, seems like she’s got a well-rounded career so far, hmm?

Evija Vēbere (Photo: Dominika Mrowczynska)
Evija Vēbere (Foto: Dominika Mrowczynska)

Evija Vēbere: »Vienradzis«

Evija Vēbere – Vienradzis
Sound Mixer
Gatis Zaķis
Jana Jacuka
Video Director
Sandijs Ruluks
3D Artist
Emils Geršinskis-Ješinskis
Motion Capturing & Video Editor
Alvis Misjuns
Film Location
Riga, Latvia