Goethe Talent Residency: Mpho Sebina & S.Fidelity

In 2019, when the Goethe Talent Residency brought South African rapper and multimedia artist ByLwansta to Berlin for an intense, four-week collaboration with producer Robot Koch, the world looked much different. This year, Mpho Sebina and S.Fidelity have been selected for the residency and will be working together remotely. That’s nothing unusual for the globally active, Botswana-born singer-songwriter, who recently turned her Instagram into an intimate concert venue, and the Swiss producer, who collaborates with half the world, whether right in her own Berlin studio or via broadband connection. Both artists have a contemporary, international perspective, which is reflected in their musically open minds. What might a collaboration sound like? Maybe like rap and hip-hop from way back when and right now, classic jazz, soul, funk and R&B – or like something else entirely. Nothing is normal, but anything is possible. In the spirit of the first online Goethe Talent Residency.

Goethe Residency Mpho Sebina & S.Fidelity (Photo: Lia Bekyan)
Goethe Residency Mpho Sebina & S.Fidelity (Photo: Lia Bekyan)

Mpho Sebina & S.Fidelity

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