Mueran Humanos

»Laguna Cementerio«

What are all those people talking about when they insist on supposedly handmade music? Probably not Mueran Humanos, because Carmen Burguess and Tomás Nochteff make it with their whole bodies. It’s a corporal experience for the listener, too: when they hammer out their Spanish-language, post-punk, new-wave, nightmare-pop industrial rock from their machines, as if they were trying to raze everything to the ground, it enters the auditory canal, goes along the throat, into the calves and then back up to this hollow muscle we call a heart. Which embraces the gentle violence of the Berlin duo’s music. Following a series of singles and two albums since 2007, Mueran Humanos most recently released »Hospital Lullabies«, proving they also have the right hard-hitting imagery to complement their sound. The 41-minute musical film was, of course, also made with full physical force.

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Mueran Humanos (Photo: Cristina del Barco)
Mueran Humanos (Photo: Cristina del Barco)

Mueran Humanos: »Laguna Cementerio«

a Video Fanzine by Mueran Humanos

Editor, Lighting & Post-Production
Martín Borini
Analog Filtering & Editor
Lucía Fernández
from footage filmed by
Carmen Burguess, Lucía Fernández, Pilar Gost
drawings by Carmen Burguess and cut ups by Tomás Nochteff
Sofía Gala Castiglione, Dante Della Paollera, Diógenes Fernández Bazán
Music (Home Recordings)
Mueran Humanos
Voice Performer
Margot S. Bassols
El Lago

Martín Borini
Martín Borini & Lucía Fernández
Music & Lyrics
Mueran Humanos
recorded and mixed by Pablo Thiermann, mastered by Jari Altermatt
Film Location
Buenos Aires, Argentina & Berlin, Germany