Pop-Kultur is a place for everyone! What we want and what we strive for is the gathering of different cultural identities, where nobody gets excluded from what we’re offering. In implementing an accessible infrastructure, we want guests to experience a sensitive and safe environment.

This is also true for our online presence and social media accounts: discrimination of any kind or justification towards it will not be tolerated. We believe that what constitutes a transgression is decided by the person who has experienced a violation. With this in mind, Pop-Kultur is committed to representing the interests of all guests.

Our service team for inclusion is available for any further inquiries:

What is Pop-Kultur?

Pop-Kultur is an international festival.
International means:
There are artists from many different countries.

In 2020 the festival Pop-Kultur will be held for the 6th time.
It has already taken place in many places in Berlin:

  • in the Techno-Club Berghain
  • in the city part of Neukölln
  • at the Kultur-Brauerei in Prenzlauer Berg

The company Musicboard Berlin makes the festival.
This year it takes place from 26th to 28th August.

In 2020 the festival will be different than in the last years.
It will take place digitally.
That means:
You can be there from home.
On the computer.

Pop culture consists of 4 parts:

  • Sessions
  • Digital Works
  • Commissioned works
  • Young talent, network and local

What does that mean?

Musicians meet for a session.
They make music together.
Sometimes you don’t know before the session:
What kind of music do the musicians play together?
They decide spontaneously.

In Pop-Kultur, sessions mean:
The music is live.
It is not a recording.
Then you can be at the concert from home.

Digital Works means: the programme is made for the internet.
Different musicians make music.
Where they live and work.
The music is recorded at different places in the world.
For Pop-Kultur it is put together.
At the festival you can watch and listen to it on your computer.

Commissioned Works means translated: delegated works.
This commissioned work can be a concert.
An exhibition.
An installation. So a work of art in space.
A conversation.
Or a film.

It means:
the work is made especially for the festival.
The makers try something new together.
They have three days to do it.
They can decide freely.
They don’t have to think about money.
Or about the question:
Can this art be sold?

This is how exciting new works of art are created at Pop-Kultur.
There you can also hear and experience them for the first time.
This is called a world premiere.

Young talent, network and local

Young talent means:
It’s about the music of young musicians.
You can take part in advanced training courses.
They can learn something new.
You can meet people from the business world.
[business is everything that people do with money.]
Or politicians.
Or people who work as professionals in music.

Network means:
It’s about the collaboration between musicians.
They can exchange ideas.
Not only musicians from Berlin.
Also musicians from all over Germany.
And from many different countries of the world.

And local means:
It’s about music from Berlin.

Pop-Kultur lokal promotes 4 music offerings in Berlin.
They are exciting music events.
They have a new and exciting view on music.
A jury decides:
Which 4 projects get the funding?
Funding means that they get money for the event.
And which of the projects can be part of the festival Pop-Kultur?


Pop-Kultur is a space for everyone!
We wish:
Pop-Kultur should be a place where many different people meet.
Nobody should be excluded.
All people should feel safe at Pop-Kultur.
There should be as few obstacles as possible.
We want to be barrier-free.

In 2020 pop culture is a digital festival.
It takes place on the computer.
On the Internet.
There, too, we pay attention to accessibility.
For example:

  • The videos and conversations have subtitles.
  • The videos and conversations have audio description.
    That means:
    Someone is describing for blind people:
    What can you see?
  • There are texts in easy language.


Awareness is the word for consciousness.
Awareness means knowing that people are different.
What does this mean for us?

You can read about Pop-Kultur on many websites:
On our website.
On our page on Twitter.
On our Facebook page.
And on our Instagram page.
On Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, other people can also write texts on our pages.
They can comment and share things.

On these pages is important to us:
We do not tolerate discrimination.
That means for us:
No one should be discriminated against.
Nobody may be insulted.
Nobody may be hurt.

We care about the rights of our guests.
On all our pages on the Internet.

We have an inclusive service team.
You can ask questions.
On the subject of barrier-free access.
And about awareness.

You can send your questions to this e-mail address:

Please contact us with requests, questions, and suggestions at and +49 1573 879 5555 (also via WhatsApp).