Pop-Kultur 2020

Part III

In this year’s edition of the German Pop-Kultur festival, 36 audio-visual works from around the world will be compiled into three feature-length shows, a kind of supercut of perspectives. In the third part of the Pop-Kultur show, Isolation Berlin will present music from their forthcoming album, and King Khan his Commissioned Work »Rat-Tribution Now«. Like Khan, Cartel Madras are from Canada and have created one of the internationally produced Digital Works, as have the all-round artists Evija Vēbere, JOJO ABOT and the post-punk duo Super Besse, split between Minsk and Berlin. Besides a special performance by the Berlin queer punk band Eat Lipstick, a videozine by the duo Mueran Humanos and an ambivalent love letter to Berlin by actor Ace Mahbaz recited in German sign language, Mpho Sebina & S.Fidelity will present the results of their Goethe Residency, while Ted Gaier’s Commissioned Work is a talk with author Claudia Basrawi about the topics in his essay collection »Argumentepanzer«.

The score for all the three parts of our Pop-Kultur show has been composed by Philipp Thimm. Part III ends with credit music by Kælan Mikla and Fred Sirocco, who has remixed the band’s song »Hvernig Kemst Ég Upp« for the occasion.

With contributions by:

Isolation Berlin
Cartel Madras
»Argumentepanzer« (Claudia Basrawi & Ted Gaier)
Mueran Humanos
Evija Vēbere
»Speaking of Sampling« (Azadê Peşmen, Enis Maci, Jesseline Preach & Leyla Yenirce)
King Khan: »Rat-Tribution Now«
Goethe Talent Residency: Mpho Sebina & S.Fidelity
Super Besse
Eat Lipstick
Ace Mahbaz

You will be able to watch the full-length contributions on the respective page and our YouTube channel.